Google Trends: Weird Fashion and Vegetarians vs Vegans

Weird Fashion Makes the Internet Crazy Once Again

By Ally Gawrys

Balenciaga and Prada go down in history to have produced some of the strangest designs in the world of fashion. What is the point to produce and sell such odd goods for luxury prices if the market is so rare and these things are easily around your home already or can be DIY’d just the same?

Prada Paperclip $185


Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 2.03.49 PM.png
Balenciaga Cotton Oversized Combo T-Shirt $1,290

We see here that Prada has launched a singular paperclip for $185 in the spring of 2017, with the only noticeable difference from your average paperclip is the minuscule logo on the side of it.

Balenciaga has also launched a shirt with a shirt on top of it in the spring of 2018. This interesting shirt is exactly what it looks like, a free-standing stitched on dress shirt at the front of another t-shirt.

We look at some statistics regarding two top luxury designers: Balenciaga and Prada to see how user influx increases once new designs are launched. We see there is definitely a scicence design it. And while maybe these “revolutionary” designs are not being coveted and bought by many – it does create a decent buzz in the community.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 2.00.59 PM.png

These goods were peaking the google search trends rates each may, and its that spurt of traffic on a brands website or the many articles written about it is what drives these crazy releases.

So, would you ever buy or DIY that hideous Balenciaga shirt?

Vegans are Surpassing Vegetarians by a Landslide

By Ally Gawrys

It may seem like only a few years ago, we’ve all heard people are going vegan . It was only back in 2011 when more people than ever became curious about the vegan diet. While many are vegetarian for health purposes or animal rights reasons – veganism is taking that one step further and promotes a completely plant based diet with no animal products at all.


Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 6.27.15 PM.png

Right on the cusp of 2011, the term vegan was receiving more google searches than vegetarian, and more than ever in the following years.

You can clearly notice a huge explosion in searches just since 2015, and veganism seems to be on a rise higher than ever, with its hugest spike in July and August of 2017

The lines regarding the search patterns could ultimately have a correlation to the popularity. Clearly, the line pattern for the vegetarian search are very patterned, with somewhat the same small rises and falls that continue in repetition. It may be considered that it continues in consistency because of the ease to follow the less strict diet.

Since the diet is solely not eating meat, and continuing to consume other animal products etc. many note that its easier to do – less animal based temptations.

The huge rise of searching for “vegan” followed by a teetering fall off could also be due to the “crash diet” fad that many people consistently fall into. People who do not feel passionately about the lifestyle, and look at it only as a crash diet for short term health benefits of course will fade away.

So what do you think? is Vegan the new Vegetairan?


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